A unique service of care
with a support network
of like-minded professionals.

A unique service of care with a support network of like-minded professionals.

Bloom Enhancements

Bloom is intended to do just what our name suggests – help women in business bloom. Bloom provides exclusive healthcare benefits and access to unique programs that foster a healthy productive life.

Bloom Enhancement Details

Bloom offers the following benefits:

As a member of women leadership groups or executive networks you are entitled to the following benefits and enhancements. To see a full list of groups please see our business guide.

Bloom Home and Auto Insurance Program

Bloom provides access to exclusive Group Home and Auto Insurance programs that can see savings on regular insurance. Group clients have seen typical savings of between 10-35%.

Bloom Commercial Insurance Program

Access to special Commercial Business Insurance products and rates designed for women in business. These products include Liability, Business Interruption, Property, and more. Ask one of our licensed brokers.

Unparalleled Speed and Customer Service

Bloom Service Associates are standing by to provide immediate assistance. Because we use the power of our group, we can provide even the most complex of quotations in the least time possible. This allows our clients to make informed decisions quickly so they can move on with their business. And when our policy holders require a certificate of insurance, we can produce them within the hour. Our policy holders will have 24/7 access to all policy information and documents on our customer portal. Call for your access code today.

Bloom Health Services Program

This unique program exclusively for Bloom policy holders provides access to the following for any health related concern (including mental health):

Healthcare Navigation: Bloom provides access to a nurse-led healthcare system navigation for any health related concern (including mental health).

Medical Second Opinion Services: Medical Second Opinion within 5-7 days of receipt of medical information (24hr rush cases available when required). Includes the collection of medical history and medical records, diagnostic imaging, and pathology reports. This also includes encryptions and safe storage/transition of medical records.

Telephone/Video consultation

Dedicated ongoing support provided by registered medical staff

Counseling services for both Personal & Financial matters.

Toll-free 24hr phone number (available in both English and French)

These Health Services are available to our clients up to the age of 75.

Bloom TV

This is multi-media space within insurancebybloom.ca, where members can post videos highlighting business achievement. Members can also use Bloom’s professional filming and creative services resource to create their own customized video for your own multi-purpose use. Because of the power of our group, this is available at preferred rates.

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